Sunday, 5 October 2014

The family is growing...

Mr Pink

A trio of Ladies

Pirate Sam

Spools of Indian Ribbon....

Spools of Indian Ribbon

On one of my visits to a local market I came across an abundance

of Indian Ribbon 

which is perfect for my knitti projects

The colours are sumptuous and redolent of  the heat and sun of 
an Indian summer.

The rich vibrancy of the colours really brightened up my day.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Little bitti odd Dollies ...

 I love making these quirky odd dollies. They take quite some time to construct and are too fiddly for children but well worth the effort as grown ups seem to like them !!

This is my work in progress

 Such long air means that each individual strand needs to be hooked separately.

Well worth all the effort

All the dollies turn out to be quite different.

And some faces look quirkier that others !

They're great fun and I enjoy making them and embellishing with ribbons and beads.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Vintage Chevron Stripes...

Vintage Chevron Stripes in shades of blue make 
this a striking baby blanket.

A perfect size for a baby car seat / carrier

24 x 22 inches (61 x 56 cms)

This pattern has been around for ages and I can remember my mother knitting chevrons in the 1960s .
I think it still looks really striking.

 Once you get the rhythm of knitting the chevrons, this is a really easy blanket to make.

It would work well in bold or pastels colours.

This is knitted in an easy wash and care acrylic Double Knitting weight wool, but it would also work well in super soft baby wool.

You can make it longer by adding more chevrons.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Stocking up my stash....

In the hope of getting reading for a craft fayre later in the year I have been busy restocking

my stash of crochet ittybittyblankies

These are crocheted in a wool/acrylic mix
and come in roughly between 26ins-28 ins square
or between 67-72cms

I've always got work in progress

This wool mix is sumptuous - beautifully soft and tactile

This delicate pastel mix is in a very fine DK acrylic
but is perfectly soft and hard wearing

Baby blue in worked in a soft DK blend for
a traditional baby ittybittyblankie


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Itty bittie blankies...

The cold winter nights are just perfect for knitting and crocheting. 

Here are a few of my latest projects.

All the blankies are just the right size for a baby or toddler to curl up with and be all cosy and warm.

The yarn used throughout is durable double knitting wool and will stand being washed in the washing machine on a wool cycle. 

Eek...they would probably shrink if dried in the tumble dryer.


This pink and turquoise crocheted blankie is made from a soft mingled baby yarn


This pretty blankie is crocheted in a multitude of warm colours


This mitred square knitted blankie is
made in warm earth coloured tones of brown and cream.
It's the perfect size for a baby carry seat.


This Blue and grey blankie is sightly larger than the toddler/baby blankies and would make a lovely warm lap blanket for an adult.