Sunday, 2 August 2015

Itty Bitty Crafties...

My kindle paper white fits into this sleeve

I liked it so much that I made one in pink and blue too 


I needed a handy little pouch for my needles, tape measure and knitting notes

It fits easily into my bag

With room for a tape measure, some tapestry needles

A handy notebook and a couple of crochet hooks


Itty Bitty Baby Blankies...

Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, appeals to knitters to make baby blankets for the charity’s `Always Loved, Never Forgotten Memory boxes’. 

The blanket can be knitted with or without a lace border and the pattern requires approximately 200g of white double knit wool.

I recently made this white blanket to help with the appeal 

I liked the easy pattern so much 

I made another one, not for the charity, in a beautiful soft pink mingled yarn.

They are incredibly easy to knit.

The border is added when the main blanket is finished.

Itty bitty toys for little people......

These soft and cuddlies are ideal for little people to play with.

Big Ted

is knitted in a soft D/K wool mix

Puss in Boots

D/K bright yarn


Pretty in Pink D/K yarn

Flower Cushions

Knitted in soft and bright D/K yarn

Squidgy and soft for little fingers to hold

Tiny Tots in pastel D/K yarn

A family of Mummy B dollies....

I decided to try out some knitted dolls from an old Jean Greenhowe
Pattern book from the 1990s

 These Mummy B Dollies looks so cute

I've used D/K yarn in a variety of colours and have adapted the patterns

to suit the dolls.

They are about 14 inches tall

This brother and sister combo are slightly smaller.

Maybe about twelve inches tall.

They have their hats and scarves ready for winter !

Knits on the go....

I seem to spend a lot of time on my knitting projects and then forget to share them on my blog

My needles have been busy with a variety of small projects

...Here are a few of my knits on the go...

Itty bitty witch 

Knitted in black and purple  D/ K yarn

all ready for Halloween

She even has a shoulder bag for her spell book

Comfy Cosy

My mother used to make tea cosies like this one.
Sadly the art of tea in a pot has long since disappeared so I had to remind myself how to
knit tea cosy stitch.

I'm pleased with the result and it keeps my
teapot toasty warm.

 A Parliament of Owls

I learned how to crochet in the round and made these colourful owls 
in a variety of variegated  D/K yarns