Friday, 24 February 2012

ittybittyknittybags ...with handles

Sometimes a bag with handles is better and more practical than one without handles !!

These ittyknittybags look really cute.

They've all got colourful coordinated linings and are knitted in double- double wool, which makes them sturdy and strong. 
They make quirky and pretty gift bags.

The felt flower on the front adds a little bit of interest and can be removed when the bag is washed.

This ittyknittybag is knitted in quite a fine wool using a simple white /red fair isle pattern

The red beads are knitted into the design.

Knitting with beaded wool isn't as easy as it looks, as all the beads have to be threaded onto the wool 

before you start to knit the main body of the bag, but the result is just a little bit different, and well worth the extra effort.

This my favourite double duo of bags. The hand knitted flowers really make a difference and are knitted in a colour to compliment the bag.

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