Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I learned to knit a long time ago when I was quite small, probably about 7 or 8, and I think my grandmother bought my first knitting kit. I remember that the kit came in a red case, complete with red needles and enough wool to make a scarf for my favourite teddy bear.

 My mother initially had to do the casting on for me, and she always came to the rescue when I lost count of stitches, or laddered a piece of knitting. It was just like magic when she made my tiny bits of crumpled wool into something that resembled a teddy sweater or a doll's skirt. She could knit really quickly, and would chatter away to her friends whilst knitting complicated pieces of Aran or Fair Isle, and I was always the one made to sit still with arms outstretched as she looped around  hanks of wool, and rolled them into manageable balls.

My first real attempt at something grown up came in my early teens, when I made a bright pink maxi scarf which was simply huge,it was knitted into a gigantic piece of knitting about 16 feet long !!
I wore that scarf for most of my teenage years and over time it got longer and longer !!

From basic crafts, I learned how to knit uncomplicated sweaters and cardigans, and then progressed to baby clothes, for my own babies and later to my own Aran designs.

After a non knitting spell,  I now have the time, and the patience to knit some more and I enjoy small quirky projects. Some are made as commission pieces, whilst others are given away as gifts.

I love making quirky bags, which are sturdy enough to use as gift bags, book bags and even lunch bags !
But my real interest comes from designing and making my ittybittyblankies which are made especially for babies and young children, with super soft yarn in bright, bold or pastel shades.

Knitting gives me enormous pleasure and a real sense of achievement that something practical can come from a few metres of coloured yarn.

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