Thursday, 23 February 2012


I find the repetitive nature of knitting baby blankies quietly therapeutic, and I like nothing better than listening to an audio book or to the afternoon play on Radio 4 with the accompanying click-clack of my knitting needles...

One of my favourite stitches is Feather and Fan, which is a really old traditional knitting stitch, it's also known as "Old Shale". It is simply a way of increasing and decreasing in a set routine which makes a lovely scalloped pattern. Its lace effect is perfect for blankies,scarves,and baby jackets.

Feather and Fan Stitch

Here are a few of my favourite feather and fan baby blankies.
They look really interesting with lots of different colours, but can look equally stunning in a single colour.





They are a great size for popping over baby when they're in a baby carrier- super lightweight, and really snuggly cosy with the added benefit that they take very little wool, and can be knitted quickly. 

The teddies are all mine !!!

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